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Tools and Supplies for Face Body Painting, Cosplay and  FX Makeup.
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Magical Sponge Eraser ProAiir Airbrush Misting Suckers Squeeze Bottle w/Metal Tip
Misting Pump Sprayer
Our Price: $1.00
Cleaning sponge is perfect for all surfaces.
Mist ProAiir Hybrid Makeup onto your sponges for face and body painting with these Suckers. Easy Squeeze Poofer Bottle for Glitter and more.
Squeeze Bottle w/Tip Dropper Bottle Tiny Stainless Steel Airbrush Paint Mixing Balls
Easy Squeeze Bottle with fine applicator tip for use with Glitter Gels, and  Pro-Aide Cream. Dropper Tip Bottle for 99% Alcohol and Paints.. Stainless steel balls helps keep liquids mixed properly.
Disposable Scalpel Monster Paste Water Decal Slide Paper Black Spray Bottle
Disposable Scalpel
Our Price: $2.00
Spray Bottle
Our Price: $2.50
Has cover for blade, stays very sharp through many uses. Slide decal paper for prosthetic transfer materials appliances.
Handy on the job size spray bottle.
99% ISO Alcohol Brush Holder Aluminum Spray Bottle
Aluminum Spray Bottle
Our Price: $2.99
Activate alcohol activated makeups, clean airbrushes of ink, work with silicone. Find your brushes easily. Holds small and large brushes in a flat position.
Brushed aluminum bottle for misting water, rubbing alcohol or...
Squeeze Bottle w/Metal Tip Coarse-Stipple-Sponges Aluminum Pump Bottle
Coarse Stipple Sponge
List Price: $4.00
Our Price: $2.99
You save $1.01!
Aluminum Pump Bottle
Our Price: $3.00
Easy Squeeze Bottle with metal applicator tip for use with Henna, Glitter Gels, and  Pro-Aide Cream. Large coarse stipple sponge textured effects.
Brushed Aluminum bottle for lotions, hand sanitizer and more.
kryolan-rubber-orange-pore-sponge Makeup Wheel Empty Mehron Stipple Sponges
Makeup Wheel Container
Our Price: $3.25
Stipple Sponge 3 Pack
List Price: $4.00
Our Price: $3.88
You save $0.12!
Coarse-pore sponge for shading and special effects. Makeup wheel with five compartments.
Large Stipple Sponge for FX makeup effects. A basic FX kit staple.
Annie Wig Brush Silicone Tip Brushes Glitter Powder Spritzer Bottle Locking Top
Wig Brush
Our Price: $3.99
Silicone Tip Brush Set
Our Price: $3.99
Wire bristle brush especially for wigs.
Smooth products and reduce unwanted marks in nail art or clay sculpting. Special design has a spritzing nozzle that locks into place.
Mehron Powder Puff Applicator Stainless Steel Spatula Blending Brush
Mehron Powder Puff
Our Price: $4.50
Stainless Steel Spatula
Our Price: $4.50
Round Blending Brush
Our Price: $4.99
Mehron Powder Puff Applicator Professional quality evenly distributes all kinds of powders. Stainless Steel Spatula for FX Wax, Silicone, 3-D Gel, Zombie Skin, Fresh Scratch and more. Lay down a fast, smooth, even base of makeup without waste.
Mona Lisa Brush shaper and restorer Artist Mixing Palette Annie-Econo-Mannequin-Head-Mount
Brush Shaper & Restorer
Our Price: $5.49
Practice Head Mannequin Mount
List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $6.95
Cleans, restores, stiffens and re-shapes bristles without harming the brush. Stainless steel mixing palette offers a sanitary working surface. Makes paint practice and wig work easy.
Mehrorn-Mixing-Liquid Black Exam Gloves Mehron Pro Palette Case
Mehron Mixing Liquid
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $8.95
You save $1.00!
Nitrile Exam Gloves 5 mil
List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $9.99
You save $3.00!
Pro Palette Painting Case by Mehron
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $24.99
You save $5.01!
Liquid base for dry pigments and liquid makeup for airbrush. Powder free, disposable gloves in stylish black
Mehron Pro Palette Case hold 12 paint cakes for easy storage, transportation and neat work area. Easy to clean.